Makeover Monday: Testing, Testing

A rather personal Makeover Monday this week as I have a confession to make: I’m behind on a few medical tests.

Waaaay behind.

I’m not sure how this happened—how I’ve let it go on this long, that is. I swear, I’m otherwise a reasonably intelligent woman. But this is my next-to-last hurdle, and I’m determined to get over it.

Some of you will understand why I avoided the annual stirrup gymnastics. For many who are overweight or obese, going to the gynecologist can be embarrassing, demoralizing, humiliating, or traumatizing. Or all of the above.

We are not alone. (Men, you don’t get off the hook. Apparently, men don’t go to the doctor either, but the reasons are different. )

For my 50th birthday last year, my GP (who I see at least once per year—go me!) referred me for my first colonoscopy. Yippee. I have it scheduled for the 31st of the month. Fortunately, since I don’t have any apparent risk factors, I don’t have to see the gastro doctor prior to the test, which means one less potentially embarrassing exam. (They call this the “Open Access Plan”, which it seems to me is a poorly chosen name considering the nature of the exam.)

I have a GYN visit scheduled for Thursday with a new doctor. I don’t know if she’s any good, but her appointment maker is super friendly and efficient. I don’t look forward to trying to explain to this doctor why I’ve been avoiding these exams, but all I can do is tell her the truth. Maybe I’ll give her a link to this post. :) I’ll schedule the mammogram through their office.

And then I’ll be caught up and I’ll stay caught up. I know now that I am strong and resilient, and I can overcome the fears and embarrassing. I don’t expect there to be any problems, but I need to know that I’m healthy—inside and out!

So, there you have it. This week’s Makeover Monday is a nudge to remind you (us) all that it’s important to keep up with recommended screenings. If you’re not sure what those screenings are exactly, here are a couple of informative links:

For men-

For women –

If you’re caught up on all your tests, good for you!! Pats on the back from me!

If you’re not getting your testing done because you’re embarrassed or uncomfortable, and you want to talk about it (here or in email), I’ve got an available shoulder. No lectures, because…well, I don’t have a stellar track record to stand on, now do I?

You are ALL precious to me (yes, you lurkers, too!), and I want you to be healthy inside and out, too!