Rest-olutions 2009

I’m still pondering my concrete goals for 2009, but one goal I’ll be replaying from 2008 is a focus on adequate rest. For most of last year, I got a good night’s sleep most nights and worked in nap time on weekends, if only a half hour here or there. A couple of bumps along the way, but for the most part, I felt rested, relaxed, and in control.

Cut to the last couple of weeks, with less sleep for nights on end due to the painting and the holidays and the work stress. Think there might be a connection to that and my sudden desire to nibbletoomuch? (I can feel you nodding.)

There are plenty of learned types who suggest a direct correlation between sleep (or lack of sleep) and weight loss. Here are a few articles supporting the theory:

That’s enough for me. Well that, and the fact that I know it worked well for me last year.

So for 2009, I’m renewing my commitment to manage my sleep schedule as part of my weight management efforts. My goals, aka “Rest-olutions“?

– 7-8 hours sleep every night
– 1/2 hour – 1 hour nap on weekends
– Use my sound machine for better sleep
– Explore the concept of the power nap
– Take a beach vacation!!! (more dream than goal, but I’m including it!)

Unfortunately, I have to work late tonight, so this will be one of those things I start tomorrow.
(Boy, does that sound familiar!) But just like weight loss/fitness improvement, it’s all a process, and it’s the overall improvement that will show big results. I hope. :)

What about you? Do you notice a difference in managing your fitness when you get proper amounts of rest?

Any tips on power napping or getting more restful sleep?