Tests Completed!

Well, that was fun. :)

I am here to testify that everything you ever heard about the indignity of the colonoscopy prep process is 100% accurate. I won’t gross you out with the play-by-play, but let’s just say that if a bus had driven by my house at 2:30 this morning, I would have happily hopped off my perch and thrown myself in front of it.

Lord. Have. Mercy.

The test itself was nothing. While some folks have told me about being awake during the process, I was completely knocked out. Start-to-finish, it was about 30 minutes (took them longer to get me hooked up to the IV and all the other gizmos.)

Truly good news, the doctor removed a few polyps which she described in her report as “benign in appearance” and also diagnosed a “moderate” case of diverticulosis. The former is common on the maternal side of my family. The latter is, no doubt, the result of years of poor diet. Dr. P. was pleased to learn that is no longer the case. At any rate, a high fiber diet is the prescribed treatment for someone like me, who has no outward symptoms, and I’ve got that covered.

The mammogram yesterday a.m. was uneventful. I have to say that having “less dense” breasts does seem to make the smashing less painful. Yaay! The screening center I went to was wonderful–in and out in less than 20 minutes! I had a fun tech (which we KNOW can make the process so much less traumatic), who was very impressed with my weight loss accomplishments and gave me a huge ego-boo. I’ll get the results of that test this week, and I’m optimistic.

That gets me caught up on the actual testing waiting for the last results. So far, nothing unpleasant has shown up, and I’m hopeful that the trend will continue.

THANK YOU ALL for your well wishes and your encouragement! It means the world to me!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Mine at this point is a gas! (Anyone who has had a colonoscopy will know what that means, LOL)

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