The Tippy Toe Sock Diet

Hi, I’m Cammy and I’m a sockaholic.


Don’t ask me how I came to own a mountain of socks, it just happened. I suppose it’s a similar dynamic to the one that caused me to happen to become 100 pounds overweight. But that’s a post for another day.

For now, I’ve adopted the Tippy Toe Approach and put myself on a Sock Diet. The first step was to go through the pile and get rid of the colors I wouldn’t wear even on a cold day in hell. Then I eliminated all the workout socks that weren’t Thorlo, Balega, or Asics. I sorted the remainder by color and style and pulled out the duplicates.

My first Sock Diet weigh in: minus 2 dozen or so pairs! An excellent start! This deserved a special treat! I got one, too, delivered in the mail on Saturday (prepare to be astounded):

I am the happy ecstatic recipient of a pair of beautiful socks, hand-knitted by the incredibly talented and generous Deborah! I’m wearing them now, and I’m not kidding, folks, these are the most comfortable (not to mention, prettiest) socks I own. They’re far too precious to be crowded into a drawer with ordinary Target socks, which is fantastic motivation for more sock purging. (Think: replacing a family-pack of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls with one good piece of Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate.)

Thanks again, Deborah. You warmed my feet and my heart all at the same time.