The Benefits of Procrastination

I can hear you now…

Has she completely flipped? She was just here yesterday yammering on and on about putting off procrastination, and now she’s saying it’s good for us?!!


Wait! Come back! I haven’t lost my mind. Not completely, anyway. It’s just that your luscious comments have had my mind whirling and thinking about how I operate. (I appreciate you all for that!)

I think maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Yes, I am a procrastinator, but I also get things done. I work full-time, blog part-time, exercise regularly, do laundry and dishes, get my MIT’s completed (usually), keep the house–ahem–reasonably clean, shop for groceries, maintain my yard, and so on and so on. There’s always something to do.

There’s always something to do.

That’s not a bad thing, is it? I’m always working toward something. I’m rarely bored. I have loads of energy (most of the time) and if I can manage to get that energy organized, I’ll get more “somethings” done.

And that’s another benefit of procrastination: You get other things done while you’re avoiding something else. I focused on working out, while I avoided making decisions on some household projects. I painted my bedroom and raked 80 bags of leaves while ignoring my filing. I made my own zebra-striped magnetic board (something I’d been wanting to do forEVER), but my laundry didn’t get done that day. Other things are getting done, just maybe not the ones I think (in hindsight) should be getting done.

Probably the biggest benefit (for me) of procrastination jumped out at me and landed in my lap today. Really! I was beginning the process of clearing out files at work, and one of the folders fell off the stack. It was a bunch of notes on a project I’d always thought I’d like to take on. The problem was that it was a BIG project, and the only person who would benefit would be me. Since I won’t be there anymore, I’m glad now that I procrastinated. Saved myself some effort in the long run. :)

I’m rambling here, but I think you see what I’m getting at. Planning, organizing, prioritizing–they’re all important for an orderly, productive life. I get that, and I’m working on it. But there are times when not running full steam ahead, when putting something off for a little bit, might bring a different type of reward, and it pays to be open to that.

Being a procrastinator isn’t a horrible thing, as long as you’re moving forward in a positive direction.

And as long as you don’t run out of gas. :)

As always, sharing of stories is encouraged (and greatly appreciated.) I’d love to hear about a positive result of your procrastination. Give credit where its due!