In My Rearview Mirror, Feb. 8, 2008

Yesterday was a great day–warmer, if not warm, with lots of opportunity for outdoor activities. I raked and swept and toted (sorry, no chorus line or jazz hands, ani *g*). I finally completed a long-desired project to pull up the cheezy indoor/outdoor fake grass carpet the previous owners glued to the patio, and I also took a “time out” and went for a walk on a new-to-me trail along the Wolf River. I usually only do paved trails, but this time of year, the snakes and other creatures whose sole purpose on Earth is to try to give me a heart attack should be tucked away in their winter habitats.

By the time I landed indoors late yesterday, I was a dusty, dirty, sweaty, stinky mess…and it felt so good, although the folks at Subway might not agree. It reminded me of a day last year when I “got it” re: exercise and exertion and learned to embrace the odoriferous results as agents of change, as opposed to expired hygiene. I blogged about it, of course, and if you’d care for a looky-loo, heres the link to eau de change.

Today’s plan will include a birthday dinner for my Mom (yay! barbecue!) and another walk on the trails. Then it’s back inside for those mundane household chores that won’t do themselves.
Oh, and I have to write our Makeover Monday episode for tomorrow. Nightfall will be here before I know it. Yikes!

So how have you spent this weekend? Anything special, or has it been a delightfully ordinary weekend?