In the News…ME!

In the midst of all my pondering of the past week or so, I think I forgot to tell you that I did my first mainstream press interview last week! It was very unnerving, and I babbled a lot. I was sure I hadn’t given the reporter anything worthwhile, but she came up with an article, which you can find here. (My sister posted a sweet comment, too, which gave me a misty moment.)

None of the quotes are exactly what I said, but the gist of them is right. Like I said, I babbled. :) At first I was embarrassed to read it, but then I remembered that it was my first press interview. Assuming (see: delusions of grandeur) I receive another request at some point in the future, I know that I can be a little more composed and coherent.

Hey, it could happen! Didn’t Oprah get her start in Nashville? :)

Seriously, if anyone has any interviewing tips (other than being myself, which I think I was–perhaps a bit too much so *g*), please pass them along!

Shifting gears, Deborah asked about my zebra board, specifically for a picture of it.


Even though I’m not a crafter, I love my zebra board. I wanted a magnetic board for my home office, but I didn’t want sterile white. I saw some cutecutecute ones on Etsy, but they were too expensive. I thought about making my own from plywood and magnetic paint, but that was also expensive and the splinter potential too high.

Oh dea, what’s a girl to do?

Improvise! This is a plain white board from the $2.50 bin at Target. The frame was easily removable/reattachable. I grabbed a $0.99 zebra-print bandana at a craft store , which I wrapped around the board and fastened to the back with duct tape. (I also bought a black one with white polka dots if I want to switch out sometime.) I need to take it apart to iron the bandana, but that’s a piddly thing for a day when I’m really, really bored. :)

Hope you’re all having a great week!