Nine Great Benefits to Exercise and One Fantastic Possibility

(This post is for mature adults only, which will let out about half of you, I realize, but them’s the breaks.)

I get asked a lot about my exercise habits, why I still exercise so much even though I’m in my goal range. {sigh} I, of course, reply that exercise is about a whole lot more than losing weight.
– makes us stronger (Duh. )
– gives us more energy
– makes us smarter (There’s actually research on this.)
– gives us confidence
– builds a stronger immune system
– helps us sleep better
– helps us handle stress better
– builds toned muscles
– helps us manage our weight

Okay, those are all fine. Strength, longevity, brilliance, muscles, yadayadayada, fine. The #1 benefit I’ve just read about for exercising? Well, see for yourself.

Now, I haven’t tried this and if I do, you’ll never know about it. (I’d appreciate not knowing if you tried it either.)

And that’s all I’m going to say about the benefits of exercise.

Except that it’s entirely coincidental that I joined the 200 Sit-up Challenge. Honestly.