Prioritizing in a Minor Storm

I found out last week that my last day at work is April 30. It’s a relief to have a fixed point in time with which to work. I can plan and prioritize now. I’ve got tons of ideas and enthusiasm; I just needed a place to direct it. My mind has been in a whirl, trying to figure out what to address first, but now I can get everything down on paper…with a timeline!

{Pause to allow more stress to drop from shoulders.}

Nicely coinciding with the employment news was the first night of a continuing ed course I’m taking on publishing a non-fiction book. It’s something I’ve thought about since this whole tippy-toeing thing started to work, and now I’m thinking it’s probably going to happen. I’m just shelving it until May.

Managing my health is my major priority every day. But since I’m not on Biggest Loser and no one is going to give me a check for $250,000 (unless, one of you was planning to, and then I’m sorry I spoiled the surprise) , I don’t need to spend an inordinate amount of time on this. I just need to make sure I do it every single day.

Finishing the major remodeling projects on my house needs to happen before April 30, so we’ll add that to the daily list. That means time spent blogging will need to be redirected to house issues for a while. I do take frequent breaks, though, so I’ll try to keep up as best I can. Please understand if I occasionally get behind.

So, the priorities before April 30: health, house, blogging and other fun pursuits.

After April 30: health, book, blogging and other fun pursuits.

I believe I have a plan! It will not be perfectly executed and certainly not always pretty, but things will get done.

{Pause for more stress-dropping!}

In parting news for today, I’ll put this bug in your ear: I’ll be having a special guest and a giveaway in the days ahead. I don’t know precisely when, but I’m super excited about it! Hope you’ll drop back in to check it out!