Red Friday Wrap-up

What a difference a week makes. Last Friday I was preparing for a colonoscopy. Today, I’m preparing for a warm, pre-spring weekend and lots of outdoors-y activities. It’s kind of amazing how all my outdoor “to-do’s” miraculously shot to the top of the priority list. So instead of the gym, I’ll be raking and sweeping and bagging.

One of the most delightful surprises in becoming more fit is how much I’ve truly enjoyed incorporating “functional exercise” into my life. Raking leaves or sweeping is nothing more than a series of upright rows. Bagging leaves (done the Cammy way) involves full out squats, or if I’m feeling bored, moving the bag so that lunges are required. And don’t even get me started on how happy it makes me to have my exercise requirement and my chore list rolled into one time slot. I feel so…efficient!

As promised, I’m posting my fabulicious-in-red photo today (you’ll pardon the big swollen eyes–it was early). I’m thrilled with the participation at work. It’s a SEA of red everywhere I look! Even some of our guys are sporting red shirts or sweaters today.

Let me know if you post a red-loving photo today!

I’ve become quite the red geek, haven’t I? :)

Have a lovely, healthy, stupendous weekend, everyone!