Team Building through Pom Wonderful

The kind folks at Pom Wonderful sent me, along with bunches of other bloggers, a case of their 100% Pomegranate Juice to try. (Thank you, Pompeople!) I received the product last Friday, and I have to say that the cute little bottles caught my eye immediately. I’m a sucker for hip packaging.

Unfortunately, snazzy bottles do nothing for my health, unless I fill them with sand and do some presses with them. Included in the Pom package was a flyer touting the health benefits of POM Wonderful. The company has funded numerous studies into heart health, prostate health, erectile dysfunction, and other age-related functions. You can find the details on their website HERE.

Speaking of those studies, you may be aware that in the past, POM was on the animal-rights hit list. I believe that’s all behind them now, because in early 2007, the company agreed to stop all animal testing. And rightfully so, IMHO.

Okay, on to the product itself. Since I’m not normally a juice drinker, I thought it might be wise to NOT rely solely on my opinion. Thus, I conned engaged my co-workers in the Pom tasting. With all those penile promises, I targeted more males than females for the survey. But only if they swore not to discuss any results with me.

After much sipping, slurping, and lip-smacking, the overwhelming consensus was positive for tastiness. “T” described it as a cross between cherry and cranberry juice. (“CforCammy” thought it tasted like cough syrup until she realized that she was supposed to shake the bottle before drinking. Then she thought it tasted like super sweet cranberry juice.) “S” said he wanted to try it mixed with sparkling water. Everyone liked it…

…but not everyone plans to buy it. A couple of folks said they thought the cost might be too prohibitive given the amount of juice you’re supposed to drink to receive the healthy benefits. (A 48-oz. bottle–not quite a week’s worth–is $13-15 in this area.) Four of the six guy tasters planned to buy some this weekend. :)

So there you have it. A successful (and fun) team taste testing, resulting in 13 out of 16 thumbs up, if I’m counting right.