Bits, Bytes, and Bites

Greetings from the safety and comfort of my home office. I’ve just returned from a morning walk, 20 minutes of which was spent wandering suburban wilderness trails, lost and side-stepping horse doo. (Those were some well-fed horses, from the looks of things, lemme tell ya.) Don’t think I will do the trails again without a pocket compass Not on a cloudy day, anyway.

For those of you who do all your walking on pavement, I highly recommend an occasional foray into the woods. Depending on the trails, you can’t really work up a good cardio pace, but the variations in trail surface work the calves and quads in a different way and more than make up for the slower pace. Plus, you get plenty of bending, lunging, and balancing to maneuver under and over branches and fallen trees. Personally, I make it a habit not to touch any tree or limb, lest it be the World’s! Largest! Anaconda! in disguise, which creates an extra level of difficulty to the wilderness experience.

Traumatized after being lost, I treated myself to a decadent and delightful brownie after lunch (tuna melt on wheat with pretzels). Now I have sugar jangling through my system, the better with which to complete my daily to-do list.

Speaking of the to-do list, I’m thisclose to completing a good project. On Friday, I went for a 50-minute walk and then returned home to rearrange furniture in my guest bedroom so that I could then move the treadmill and all my exercise paraphernalia from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom–now the guest bedroom/exercise room. Later, I was giving myself a minor walloping for missing my scheduled trip to the gym for strength training, and I had to laugh. I moved a double bed, a double dresser, a cedar chest, 2 end tables, and the treadmill all over the house. I think my muscles were given a good workout. :)

Okay, on to the to-do list! But before I go, I need to mention a few things:

1) Weight-loss Worlds Collide on Monday when Ruby will be on Oprah! Check your local TV listings for time and set your recorders accordingly. (Btw, did you know The Tippy Toe Diet is the fifth listing on Google if you search “Ruby Weight Loss Reality Show”? Cool, huh?)

2) Great article from Brandon Morgado ( on Dumb Little Man today: How to Build Motivation for your Workout. (I especially liked his “Use a Landmark” and “Just One More” tips, since I use them regularly.)

3) Target has all sorts of nuts on sale, 15% off. They also have a 5-pound bag of clementines (23 sweet calories each!) for $4.99. I had a $1.00 off coupon, so that makes them especially sweet!

Okay, now I’ve really got to go. Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

I filed my taxes yesterday–yaaay!–using Free File Fillable Forms. Super easy and FREE!)