Mixin' It Up: The Cardio Edition

Because it rained and turned cooler on Friday, I had to go to the gym for cardio. I’ve been enjoying my walks outside, so I was a little peeved. I almost blew off the workout, but given my little tiny miniscule brownie-canceling cookie incident and all the 9 Lives I ate over you-know-who’s bikini, I decided a trip to the gym was the least I could do. As usual, I’m glad I did! (Funny how that always works out that way!)

First up, the cookies apparently didn’t cause a gain (or a loss), as far as I could tell. The gym scale is one of those with the balance bar, and I don’t have time to be standing around moving the slider thingie a fraction of a centimeter to make sure it stops exactly in the middle. When it starts its little middle range bounce, I call it done. (I know, it breaks most of fitness world’s rules. Call me a renegade. I also weigh with my shoes, jacket, and iPod shuffle on. And at NIGHT.)

The second good thing that happened was the fun little cardio routine I made up on my way to the gym. I call it the 4×10 medley, and you are welcome to adopt and adapt, if you’d like. It’s super simple: a quick warm-up and then 10 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes on the stair climber, 10 minutes on bicyle, and then 10 minutes doing core work. Add in rest breaks and stretching, and a nice little 45-minute cardio session is complete. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time zipped by!

I’ll be adapting it to outdoor walking somehow. Maybe 10 minutes of long strides with arms swinging, 10 minutes of short, arm-pumping strides, and so on. I love mixing things up!

I was back in the gym this afternoon, for strength training. It was one of those days when there were only a couple of beefies in the weight area, but they all seemed to want to be right where I was at any given moment. Grrrrr. They’e got the entirety of Weight World at their disposal. All I ask is a tiny space in front of the 12.5-20 lb. section of the rack. But nooooo, they have to go get the 50 pound weights at the other end and haul them down to my section! Too bad today! I stood my ground and made them work around me.

Tomorrow is more cardio, possibly the medley again. Or I may do an elliptical 5k. It’s been awhile. I’ll wait and see what my mood is at the time.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Oh, and note to JC: my last day of work is April 30th, which means I have 24 workdays left. Yikes!