Odd Little Questions Taking Up Valuable Real Estate in My Mind

Why doesn’t anyone make a snack-sized bag of plain yellow corn tortilla chips? You know, the 3/4-oz. or 1 oz. size. I would love to have chips and salsa now and then, but I’m not buying an ENTIRE jumbo bag of chips. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. Or, at minimum, a waste of food as they’d go stale waiting for me to tippy toe through them.

Why isn’t there a down incline on treadmills? It occurred to me today as I was walking down a steep-ish hill in the parking garage that walking downhill is its own kind of workout. My calves agreed completely.

Am I the only person in the blogosphere whose spice rack consists of salt, pepper, and cinnamon? Does everyone else have flour, sugar (or Splenda), and eggs on hand all the time? I see wonderful recipes or read about great meals people threw together at the last minute from things they had ‘on hand’, and I can’t do that. I just checked, and the best I could do would be parmesan flavored popcorn. Or maybe green beans amandine, depending on what’s in that. I have green beans (canned) and almonds.

That bit of patheticism (new word!) left me with these questions:
– What spice or seasoning do you ALWAYS have on hand?
– What one item is ALWAYS in your refrigerator?
– What one item is ALWAYS in your pantry?

(For me, I ALWAYS have salt and pepper. I ALWAYS have cheese in my fridge, and I ALWAYS have tuna in my pantry.)

Personal notes: I’m breathing a small sigh of relief after tonight’s weigh in at the gym for the first time in over a week. I’ve been trying not to let a week go by without weighing, but I missed last Wednesday night because I worked and Friday night because I was rearranging my house. Even though I’ve been eating healthy and getting enough exercise, I still worry that weight is creeping on. I’m at the four-month mark of maintaining, but I’m still super-vigilant. I can’t decide if that’s a bad thing or good thing. For now, it’s my thing, and I’m working with it.

I’m pleased to say I’m still within my “zone” (Sunday brownie splurge notwithstanding), although I’m leaning toward the danger zone…on the LOW side. I’m sure it’s a temporary thing, and if not, I surely do know how to take care of it. :)
Just as with a weigh in on the gain side, I’ve learned that the low side will generally bounce back, too, if I keep doing what I’m doing.

In the let’s-keep-Cammy’s-life-balanced-between-good-and-not-so-good news, I have to have oral surgery next month: an apicoectomy. It doesn’t look like fun, that’s for sure. I’ll be channeling my inner Scarlett and thinking about it another day.

Hope you’re all having a great week! I’m a little behind on reading, but I’ll be caught up with you by the weekend. Especially if it sleets as much as they’re predicting tonight. :)