Saturday Catch-all Post

Despite being cool and rainy, this has been a fantastic Saturday! I hope yours was as well.

Quick reminder to enter the Look into Your Future giveaway from PictureYourselfThinner [ETA: out of business] that I posted about on Friday. You have FIVE chances to win, and this could be your lucky day! Contest is open until latelatelate Monday night (midnight central) and is open to all Earth-bound residents.

Speaking of giveaways, few months ago the always wonderful MizFit had a giveaway featuring a Boston Locket from Elemental Memories Photo Tile Jewelry, and I won! My personalized locket arrived today:


I kind of like it. :) (That translates to “I’d do a backflip if I could.”) It’s absolutely beautiful! The etched cover slides off to reveal my choice of photo for the inside. If you squint really hard, and you’ve read here for a while, you’ll recognize the photo as my “spokesmodel” photo. Along with it is a tiny scroll on which I can write a message. I can’t make up my mind what will go on there, but I do know I’ll be carrying this with me everywhere. It will be so wonderful to have a touchstone, of sorts, to remind me of the need for mindfulness and focus on fitness. Huuuge gratitude moment for MizFit and Elemental Memories.

It’s kind of neat, I think, that my giveaway is an opportunity to glimpse into your potential future, and the giveaway I won allows me to reflect on my past. Funny how that (and the timing of it all) worked out. :)

In other news, I had a bit of a revelation yesterday. One of’s “News Nuggets” this week linked to an article on how to measure the intensity of your walking pace. I considered my pace for most of my walk to be moderate, so I was curious to test myself to ensure I was getting the required 100 steps per minute.

Surprise! My “moderate” pace turns out to be about 150 steps a minute. My “cruising” pace (about what I’d use in Target or window shopping at the mall) is 110 steps a minute. Apparently, I’m quicker than I thought.

All those numbers have given me an idea to challenge myself with walking. I’m going to try to do 200 steps a minute and build to doing that for one out of five minutes. And then we’ll see where to take it, if anywhere.

Since I tanked yesterday’s strength training in favor of my walking test, I went to the gym today. No beefy boys in sight. I had a few guys for company in the free weight area, but they were mostly watching March Madness (NCAA basketball tournament for those not sports-aware) on the big screens. I was able to zip through my workout in good time. My weigh-in was okay, a little on the low side, but I’m sure I’ll manage to wipe that out somehow. :)

Speaking of workouts, and then I swear I’ll end this monstrosity of a post, if you’re ever wanting a good workout resource, check out . They have workouts tailored for all sorts of needs, along with clips demonstrating how to do them properly. They also have trainer tips for each exercise, which I use to decide if the exercise is one I should try alone. (I doubt I’ll ever get up enough nerve to ask one of the beefy boys to spot me. ::snerk!::)

Enough already! I need popcorn and lots of it. Hope you have a wonderful rest-of-the-weekend and will come back for Makeover Monday!