Valerie Bertinelli's Navel is Making Me Sad

I seldom play the comparison game, but there are times when NOT comparing myself to others takes more willpower than losing 100 pounds. I’m having one of those moments now.

It all started this a.m. when I saw this picture of Valerie Bertinelli’s bikini photo shoot. She looks great. She set a goal, worked hard at it, and was successful. Props to VB! I’m truly happy for her. Truly.

Why, then, is the whiny, petty, snotty me trying to fight her way to the surface?

::start whiny font::
I don’t look like that. Why doesn’t my body do that?

There must have been significant air brushing on that photo.

She must’ve had surgery. That’s the only thing that can explain why my body doesn’t look like that and hers does.


And on it goes. I push the pettiness down; it comes back.

Now, there are all sorts of explanations for the discrepancies in Valerie Bertinelli’s “after” body and mine, with the primary one being that WE’RE DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND WERE NEVER INTENDED TO LOOK ALIKE. (I get that. It doesn’t help much.)

Another good reason is that I carried twice as much weight as she did for many more years. You can only stretch a rubber band so far, you know.

There are other reasons I’m sure, but my pity party is getting on my nerves. For one thing, my goal was never to have a great looking body; my goal was to have stronger, healthier body. Yes, it would’ve been nice if my belly button didn’t point to the floor (unlike a certain Jenny Craig-promoting celebrity’s navel, which is all perky and located where it’s supposed to be), but I didn’t get dealt that hand. That’s life. My body may start looking better; it may not. My focus has to be on making it function better, or else I’m going to make myself a very miserable person.

And I don’t want to be miserable any more than I really want to wear a bikini. Really.

What about YOU? Do photos like the VB bikini shot inspire you or turn you into a sobbing heap in the darkest corner of your bedroom? Or somewhere in between?

Late breaking update: I just noticed that VB has three cheek wrinkles and I have only two. I’m back, baby, I’m back! ;):)