In Need of Your Advice

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t she supposed to write a post giving us information?

Sorry about that. I’ll try to find something useful to impart over the weekend. But I’m not optimistic.

A few things I could use your advice/thoughts on: (yes, I *know* that’s a preposition dangling there at the end)

1) Calling all smoothie recipes – I’m having oral surgery on Monday morning (after I have a pile of pancakes), and I’m thinking I’ll be on soft foods for a few days. I’d love to have some smoothie recipes to try, so if you’ve got a fave, I’d be grateful if you shared the recipe. I’ll be doing the yogurt, oatmeal, and pudding thing, too, but I thought some smoothies might be a welcome departure.

2) On sports bras – As I mentioned some time back, I have a few sports bras. Many of them are size extra large which is about 1-1/2 sizes too large for me, but they’re in great shape (like their owner–tee, hee, couldn’t resist) and I hate to toss them. Is it bad manners to offer them to someone else or even to donate them somewhere? Would YOU buy used sports bras, if they looked nice and clean? (Would you like to receive some free used sports bras via mail? LOL)

3) Workout music — I’m about ready to download some new tunes for my workouts. What’s one tune on your play list that you can’t live without?

And there was something else, but I forgot what it was. It’s been a long week.

(Edited, with great embarrassment, to add a big THANK YOU for your help! Told you it had been a long week.)
Hope you all have a spectacular weekend! And safe travels is you’re on the road!