Recovering…and Dreaming

Greetings from post-op (a.k.a my bedroom). I survived the oral surgery just fine, although I look a lot like Jay Leno just now. Only without the million$. Or the penis.

The procedure I had is an apicoectomy, which I think of as an inside out root canal. It involves a small incision, a little grinding and snipping, and then a few stitches. I was able to have the procedure with a local only and was done in about an hour, start-to-finish. The aftermath yesterday wasn’t pleasant–not because of the surgery, but because of a severe bout of nausea caused by the pain killer. I switched to ibuprofen last night, and all has been calm since then. Just sleeping a lot…and reading blog posts…and thinking.

On this blog and in comments on your blogs, I’ve tried to share the possibilities of success for all, but I often lack the right words to express what I’m trying to say. It’s frustrating beyond measure, because I know how much we all want to realize our dreams. And I know we all can.

Yesterday I saw something that underscores the point beautifully. If you’ve been anywhere on the internet, you’ve seen this story, too.

Susan Boyle dreamed of being a professional singer since she was 12. She’s now 47 and lives in a small village in Scotland. Last weekend she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, where her performance….well, check it out here. Please.

Listen to her beautiful voice (but not the lyrics; like most of Les Mis, the lyrics will make you want to slit your wrists), and then think about what that moment meant. For 35 years, Susan Boyle dreamed about it. She faced enormous struggles and roadblocks, but did not let them derail her completely. She sang in her church choir and at karaoke nights, continuing to develop her voice, and then she stepped out. She signed up for the show and in a matter of minutes has taken the world by storm.

What strikes me when I watch the video (and I’ve watched it several times over the past few days), it’s that while her voice is truly breathtaking, it’s not those few minutes onstage that tell her story. It’s 35 years of dreaming, 35 years of never giving up, 35 years of judging herself by what she had on the inside, not how she looked on the outside, that make her performance not just beautiful, but heroic.

In my eyes, anyway.

I believe that each of us has the power to achieve our dreams…or some measure of them, anyway. If we step away from the mirror and look inside ourselves, we can find our strengths, our tenacity, and our courage, and we can succeed.

I’ve enjoyed (am enjoying) the achievement of one dream–losing 100 pounds and getting healthier. You may all be very thankful to know that it is NOT my dream to become a professional singer. No, my other dreams are to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also, to use that success somehow to inspire others to do the same. Oh, and to find a sustainable income afer April 30th. :)

I have just one question for you: do YOU believe YOU can achieve your dream? If not, what can I (or any of us) do to help you get there?

Wishing you all sweet dreams…and the joy of achieving them.