Saturday Double Feature (includes a giveaway)

How many of you are old enough to remember Saturday Double Features? (Not me, I’m sure I just read about them in a history book or something.)

First Feature: It seems I am the 259th blogger to receive the Nuru Exercise Anywhere cards (dormant link removed), but I’m not complaining. (Though I might have if I hadn’t liked them.)

But I do like these cards.

If you haven’t read about them, the Exercise Anywhere product is a deck of thirty 2″x3″ (approximately, since I can’t find my ruler) laminated cards containing illustrated exercises that can be done…well, anywhere. In addition, the cards contain information and advice on strength training–how to work the major muscle groups (chest, back, lower back, shoulders, arms, etc.) along with sample workout suggestions, including some cardio work.

The deck is divided into sections based on muscle groups and each exercise is presented in easy-to-read language with decent illustrations. They also include variations for beginners to advanced, so there’s a little something for everyone. And the best part of the program (IMHO) is that you don’t have to have any special equipment to do the exercises! A couple of exercises use a towel or a step, but the focus is on using body weight, which is what makes the exercises so portable.

Plus, you gotta love an exercise product that encourages TV watching. (Really! They actually said that on the back of card #3! )

Okay, what they said was to use commercial breaks to “Work hard, then reward yourself with a cool glass of water and 10-15 minutes of TV goodness.” Which is pretty much the same as ordering me to watch HGTV for hours, in my book.

While I have no complaints about the cards or the exercises (quite the opposite, actually), I will mention that the little clip ring thingie they provided to link the cards together almost took out one of my freshly manicured nails. Had it actually happened, this would’ve been an entirely different review, lemme tell you.

But disaster was averted, and I can happily give the product two thumbs up. Or I guess I should use two toes up to follow my blog theme. But that reminds me of my sister’s wedding pictures, in which yours truly has her big toes pointed skyward in every single photo. No idea why, but there it is, recorded on film for the merriment of my family forever. (Pity the photos didn’t last as long as the groom, which was a matter of months. ::snerk!::)

Good Lord, could I get any further off topic?

Back to the Nuru Exercise Anywhere Cards: I have a couple of sets available for two lucky readers. All you have to do is GET UP and do some sort of exercise (yes, you may count walking to the mailbox and back as long as it’s more than 25 steps away). Then report in and let me know what you did to move your body.

Contest is open until Sunday (April 19th), midnight, central US time. I’ll ship them anywhere humans deliver, so international folks are welcome, too! De-lurkers get two entries.

Thank you to the Nuru People for providing the cards and for eventually getting them to me. 😉

Second Feature, two shorts:
For those of you who like to keep your goals in plain sight, these goal boards (via unclutterer) are cute. Unfortunately, I don’t have a giveaway for them, but you can’t win ’em all, can you?

And an article published a few weeks ago on DLM that I forgot to link here, Seven Dieting Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making, is a really good checklist of things to watch out for when trying to lose weight.

Sheesh. so much typing! I think I need to go soak my fingers in ice. (Hey! I heard that, whoever made reference to soaking my head! Not funny. Okay, it was, a little.)

I hope you’ve all had a marvelous Saturday and that the trend continues on Sunday!