Weekend Roundup

I went for my annual blood pressure screening this week. Still on the medication, but it was close. Normal EKG. Resting pulse rate: 57! (Woo-hoo! Down from 80-something two years ago!)

I also checked with him about the bald spot, and he believes it’s some sort of fungus. When I haughtily informed him that I don’t DO fungus, he informed me that I’d be dead if I didn’t. :) Turns out we’re all just walking bundles of fungus just waiting to attack. Who knew. Anyway, he’s prescribed some sort of ointment that he thinks will take care of it. For $117 (more expensive than all my shampoos combined), it should clean my house and mow my lawn, but if it brings back my Brazilian-Bronze-with-Honey-Caramel-Highlights hair back, it’s well worth it.

Blood test results are due in next week. Along with the normal scans, we’re checking for thyroid issues. The good news is that absent any other symptoms than hair loss, the good doctor doesn’t expect to see anything icky (my term, not his.)

Interesting Links I Found Recently
I got this link via Unclutterer: Still Tasty . You can read all about the shelf life and safe storage of your favorite foods.

Alex Shalman, writing for Dumb Little Man, had a great article: How to Avoid Overreacting and Acting Like a Juvenile. Not that I needed it; I just thought some of you might. ::snerkle!::

Money Savers
How to Save $100 (or More) at the Grocery Store This Month, from Get Rich Slowly. Mostly common sense things we already know, but I bookmarked the article for the links to good coupon sites.

The Picture Yourself Thinner folks read your comments on our giveaway last week and were inspired to offer a special rate to readers f The TippyToe Diet. Instead of the regular price of $24, for the next two weeks you can get a “thinner” photo for $15.99! Woo-hoo! I love a sale! (non-disclaimer: I receive no compensation from PYT, unless you count the warm fuzzies.)

And that’s my contribution to the end of the week! Other than to wish you all a most marvelous weekend!