Winners: NURU Exercise Anywhere Cards

Congratulations to Lisa and Emily, winners of the NURU Exercise Anywhere Cards.

Send me your mailing info (cammysaid [at] gmail [dot]com) and I’ll get the cards out to you ASAP! Or Tuesday, whichever comes first.

Thanks to all who commented, and welcome, lurkers! You were all such great exercisers this weekend! Me? I worked out at the gym on Saturday morning and walked Saturday afternoon, then more walking on Sunday. A good weekend for me.

Questions answered:
Lisa asked how I got the NURU folks to send me the cards. Answer: No clue. The offer just showed up in my inbox. PR folks troll (in a positive sense of the word) the blogs looking for candidates that fit some profile they’re looking for, and I guess mine matched this time. Woo-hoo! If only the Smart Car people would come by here! (C’mon guys, I’ll take your cute little car–in red, please–all over the country and blog about it.)

SpunkySuzi asked how long it took me to get the cards. Answer: ForEVER, or so it seemed. It was probably more like a month. :) I had almost crossed them off my list, but they came through.

Kristi asked where to get the cards. Answer: Right HERE, for $9.95, which seems pretty reasonable.

Thanks to all! And thanks again to the lurkers, for giving me new blogs to read! Yum!