Crises to the Left of Me, Perils to the Right

Some days it’s just not easy being me.

Exhibit A:
Tuesday I had to deal with a potential fate worse than death when, approximately 1/10 of a mile into my morning walk, my iPod suffle DIED. I turned it off and then on again, only to watch the precious little green light flicker a couple of times and then go out.

Okay, death might actually be worse than a failed iPod, but WALKING WITHOUT MUSIC?? Oh, the agony! The entire hour I had nothing to listen to but the sound of my feet striking the pavement,birds chirping, trees rustling in the breeze, children playing–crap like that. It was disgusting!

Well not really. :) I decided to take advantage of the musical void by employing some neurobics during my walk. I reached up to touch leaves, stopped to smell flowers, walked with my eyes closed (for brief bits at a time!) and simply listened to my neighborhood. Very interesting, and oddly invigorating.

Not so invigorating that I didn’t make a beeline for the computer when I got home to research the possible problem with my shuffle. As it turns out, all I had to do was re-install iTunes and re-charge. Whew. I’m happy to report that yesterday’s walk was filled with the Black-eyed Peas and Fleetwood Mac blaring into my ear drums.

But I will take the opportunity every now and then to leave the shuffle at home.

Exhibit B:

Sorry for the grossness, but it’s the only way I know to properly show every walker’s nightmare: blister eruptus, caused in this case by letting vanity dictate choices in walking sockwear.

I was trying to avoid building a tan line above my ankle. Unfortunately, the selected socks were too low and I got a blister.

Fortunately, band-aids and proper socks are taking care of the problem. Pity they can’t do anything for the chunky calves. :)

Exhibit C:
I’ve been making a project of exploring different deli-type restaurants in my area, and yesterday was Schlotzky’s Deli. It’s a chain, but I hadn’t been there in ages so I decided to give it a try. Good sandwich, not so great on nutrition. Since the portion -size of the small sandwich was great (loads of lettuce and tomato and topped with mustard), I think the higher-than-expected calorie count was due to the toasting of the bun using butter or some sort of buttery oil. If I go there again, I’ll know to ask for the sandwich “un-toasted”. It will save at least 100 calories and a lot of ugly fat.

Since I was able to easily adjust my menu for the rest of the day, the sandwich wasn’t the perilous part. The real threat was the delicious-looking carrot cake sitting at eye level at the cash register. What are these people thinking putting something like that within my easy reach?

Wait. We all know what they’re thinking. :) But I escaped their evil intentions by promising myself a sugar-free Fudgesicle when I got home. Even though I did forget about that and had the world’s most ginormous apple instead. Seriously, that thing had to be 200 calories of crunchy goodness.

Exhibit D:
I think it’s great that people in my neighborhood love taking care of their property. I don’t think it’s great that they pile limbs, scrap wood, and trash bags along the curb in such a way that they spill over onto the sidewalk and block my walking path. Sidewalks are for pedestrians, not refuse. I shouldn’t have to walk out into the street. More importantly, kids shouldn’t have to walk or ride their bikes into the street.

Exhibit E:
Speaking of kids, how long before they’re back in school? We’ve got a couple of teens zipping all over the neighborhood on motorbikes–sans helmets, I might add. Apparently it’s fun for teens to ride back and forth multiple times along the very section of the street someone else is trying to walk and listen to her precious music.

The motorized kids aren’t the only problem variety. The younger bunch on bikes are equally fascinated by walkers, frequently peppering someone who is trying to listen to her music with questions. Yesterday’s interlude:

Kid: Hey!
Me: Hey yourself!
Kid: Where you goin’?
Me: Nowhere particular, just walking.
Kid: Ya gotta be going somewhere.
Me: Well, eventually I’ll go home, but for now I’m just walking.
Kid: Why?
Me: It’s good exercise.
Kid: I don’t like walking.
Me, health ambassador: Good thing you’ve got your bike then. That’s great exercise and will keep your body strong.
Kid: You’re not supposed to talk about my body! You’re a stranger!
Me: I meant in general, not–
Kid, riding off: I’m telling my mom!
Me, suspected neighbor perv: Tell her I’m walking to the end of this street and then turning left if she wants to talk to me.

Sigh. You see what I mean. Trying to be healthy in suburbia can be a bitch.