Greetings from Florida

ft 007

This was where I spent part of my morning: Destin, FL. Destin isn’t one of my favorite places (too overdeveloped), but I do love the emerald green water. Unfortunately is was waaaay breezy and cool this morning–at least to me–so these little tippy toes didn’t go anywhere near the water.

I’ve spent most of yesterday and today in the car, or so it seems. Yesterday was getting to the coast, and today was spent exploring small beach towns and fishing villages. I spent so much time exploring that I didn’t make it anywhere near my intended destination for tonight, but it an always be explored on another trip.

Tomorrow I’m going into Tampa to visit with friends (maybe even some blog friends!), and my first stop is my friend’s gym to get registered for a guest membership. Lord knows, I need it. My exercise over the past two days has consisted mostly of a bunch of short walks. :) Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day anyway, but today I needed the movement.

Nutrition has been pretty good, so far. I was feeling really snack-y yesterday, which I suspect was partially boredeom and partially a need to quell mild nausea. (I don’t do motion so well.) Thanks to pre-packed snacks, convenience stores that sell 1-ox. packets of cheese, and Denny’s restaurants, who offer raw veggies as an alternative to french fries, I think I made it through okay. Even if I was a little over normal rest day calories, the nutrtion was good.

Today I lucked onto a little restaurant in Carrabelle, FL that served bbq chicken sandwiches with a vinegar-based slaw. YuM-MMMEEE! Too bad it’s about 12 hours from my house; I’d eat there every week. :)

I checked incoming mail while I was waiting on my lunch to be served and thought I’d share these interesting links:

From Woman’s Day magazine: 10 Infomercial Products Reviewed

From WiseBread: 6 Cs to Keep You Frugal while Shopping

From zenhabits: 6 Small Things You Can Do when You Lack Discipline

Hope you’re all having a great week. I’ll be catching up on as many blogs as possible while I put my feet up tonight.

Tomorrow is a guest post. I hope you’ll stop in and check it out!