Makeover Monday: Happy Vacation Rain And/Or Shine

Hah! You thought I was so far gone to beach blissdom that I forgot it was Makeover Monday? Not at all.

rainydayI had planned to do a timely post on using sunscreen wisely, but as it turns out, I certainly don’t need it in Tampa this morning.

Thunderstorms and more predicted for the remainder of the week. A definite bummer for the burgeoning beach bunny, but I’m not about to let a little (or even a lot) of rain ruin my vacation. There are still plenty of things to do!

While I hope you don’t experience a similar situation on your vacation, weather happens. When it does, consider some of the following options:
– Do nothing. Put your feet up, relax, and let your mind wander wherever it wants.
– Visit indoor venues like museums, galleries, local shops and markets, etc.
– Book a spa visit. Use the money you would’ve spent renting a waverunner, and spend it on a splurge-y spa treatment.
– Read a book or magazine or both.
– Exercise. A good mid-vacation workout should boost your energy levels as well as free up sushine-y hours for other fun stuff.
– Watch TV. Choose a channel you don’t normally watch–the Discovery Channel, for example–and learn something new.
– If you have access to a DVD player, rent a movie. Heck, rent 5 movies and have an unscheduled film festival. (My laptop’s DVD player has come in handy for this on more than one occasion.)
– Order in or make a dash between downpours for some takeout and have an indoor picnic.
– Write a short story. Don’t consider yourself a fiction writer? Who cares! You’re on vacation, no one’s going to see what you’ve written (if you don’t want them to, that is), and you may just discover a hidden passion or talent. (If you’re traveling with family or friends, write a ’round-robin’ story or poem, in which every one takes turns writing the next sentence or line.)
– If writing fiction doesn’t scratch an itch for you, write a wish list. Or a gratitude list. Or list the home improvements you’d like to make…someday. Let yourself dream!
– When all else fails and if lightning isn’t a concern, get out and play in the puddles!

See? Rainy days don’t have to ruin a vacation. Get creative and you can find a way to enjoy yourself anyway!

And for the sunny days, I’d be remiss in not including these sunscreen reminders from

A – Avoid unprotected UVR exposure at any time but especially during the hours of peak ultraviolet radiation (between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM).

W – Wear sun protective clothing, including a long-sleeve shirt, a hat with a three-inch brim, and sunglasses, and seek shade.

A – Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher to all unprotected skin twenty minutes before exposure and reapply every two hours while exposed.

R – Routinely check your whole body for changes in your skin and report suspicious changes to a physician.

E – Express the need for sun protection to your family and community.

And there you have it. A few ways to enjoy your vacation–rain and/or shine!

Wishing you all a most marvelous week ahead!