On The Road Again: near Atlanta, GA

I’m spending the weekend in Atlanta, GA, and it will surely come as no surprise to you that it’s raining. It will apparently rain throughout the Memorial Day weekend here, and I see from the Memphis weather forecast, that it will rain most of next week when I get home.

While I’m normally a pretty happy person, I’m starting to feel a bit soggy.

The drive up here from Tampa was–surprise–rainy, but not a constant rain. It was one of those rain-for-a-half-mile-then-stop–then-repeat-unless-you-get-to-a-congested-area-and-then-rain-like-hell kind of drives. My biceps, the right one anyway, got a good workout from turning the wipers on and off for eight freaking hours.

I did stop in Tifton, GA, at Bell Plantation, home of the beloved by many PB2. No pictures, because it was raining and because…well, I don’t really know how to tell y’all this in a gentle way, so I’m going to just blurt it out: The PB2 HQ is NOT coated in gold, nor do the workers have halos. I mean, I knew it was in town, so there wouldn’t be fields and such, but this? This was all so very business-y!

I’m happy to report, though, that the two people I met were very friendly, and I even got the inside scoop on an upcoming event they’re sponsoring: a 90 Day Fitness Challenge. It starts on June 6th at 10:00 a.m. at the TCHS-PAC (whatever the hell that is…maybe Tifton County High School something Activity Center?). Anyway, if you’re in the Tifton area on that date check it out. Phil And Amy from last year’s Biggest Loser Show will be there to kick it off. (P&A apparently now make a living being fit–who knew?)

{pause for lightbulb moment}

Saaaay, how would y’all feel about sending me $29.95 every month? In exchange, I’ll send you tips on…well, I’ll think of something. Just ponder it, and let me know if you want to send a check.

Where was I? Oh, the PB2 visit. I told them I’d remind everyone that BP is offering a $6 price break through the end of the month on 12-packs. Between that and the savings on shipping, I saved about $20 for stopping by. Plus, I found a cute little gift shop nearby to explore.

Today, I had every intention of going into Atlanta proper and going to the Georgia Aquarium, but the rain finally got to me. I wandered around a nearby flea market for a couple of hours, then came back to the hotel for a nap. The sun–THE SUN–came out for a few minutes, and I quickly found a McCafe with outdoor seating and luxuriated in a frosty Diet Coke and some natural Vitamin D. I sat there for over an hour, just reading and thinking. Ahhh….

Tomorrow, I’ve got an early blogger meet-up (yaay!) and then I’ll either head home or stop along the way. I’m not about to start planning at this stage.

It is entirely possible, I have out-rambled my normally rambly self.

Hope you’re all having a superb weekend!