Pampered and Packed

Vacation Eve, here, and I’m almost ready. I spent part of the day on a manicure/pedicure and brow waxing, and the other part of the day on other pre-trip chores. A nicely balanced day!

First up this morning, though, was a workout. I have been forgetting to add dumbbell swings into my workout periodically, but I tossed (hah!) some into the mix today. Definitely a love/hate relationship with this exercise, but it really is a good one!

I also did a pre-vacay weigh-in, and I’m starting out right where I want to be. Let’s hope the damage isn’t too bad. :)

Some of you commented on my organizational skills in my last post. While I appreciate your praise, what I have are organizational plans. There’s a difference. :) As with weight loss, fitness, clutter, finance, and all my other “issues”, I keep trying, bit by bit, to improve. Sometimes, it actually works!

That’s it from me today. Next post from the road!