A Perfectly Ordinary Day

How perfect a day did I have?

Oh, wait. I haven’t told you, have I?

Here’s what greeted me this a.m.:

The perfect sky.

Not a serious cloud to be found.

Though a few cirrus ones could be seen. :)

(Gotta love a little weather humor.)

I planned to spend the afternoon at a bike festival, so I spent the a.m. rummaging through yard sales as I meandered across town.

For $13 or so, I purchased:

  • two cream-colored matelasse table runners
  • an old suitcase perfect for holding my travel bags/containers on the closet shelf
  • a cute little wrought iron table for my patio (will paint tomorrow)
  • a bumble bee beanie (inspiration for a project I’m working on)
  • 2 books and a magazine
  • a small beaded evening bag (to use somewhere for something)
  • not pictured, 8 Elvis-themed Greetings from Memphis! postcards

I got the Best Compliment Ever (or at least for today) at one particular sale. While I was pawing through some New in Package Spanx-type garments, the woman hosting the sale said, “Oh honey, you’re way too small to need those. “


I’m not too small, of course, but it proved the camisole I was wearing under my t-shirt was doing it’s job holding all my leftover jiggly bits in place!

Anyway, as we do here in the South, the woman and I had to exchange our entire life stories. She told me how she ended up with size L when she needed like a 2X (mother bought them on her behalf. Unsolicited. Eew.) I told her about my weight loss and showed her the type camisole I was wearing (Assets:Target), and she thinks she might try that brand instead. I swear, Target should really start paying me for advertising their product. I could be their Jiggly-Bits Ambassador.

That little interlude took up the rest of the morning. so it was off for a quick lunch at my favorite deli, Fino’s on the Hill. Small little corner deli, Italian focus. Yum. Then it was on to the bike party, which was running a little late. Maybe they all had flat tires or something, I don’t know, but they were still getting set up an hour after they were supposed to start.

With the sun beating down from that cloudless sky and me suffering some serious Caucasianism, I decided to wind my way back home. On a normal week, this would have been a great time for The Weekly Brownie, but given my boot camp status, I came home for some icy cold watermelon instead.

I’m not sure what happened to the rest of the day. There was a nap, some laundry, some reading, tuna salad preparation, more watermelon–a perfectly ordinary day.

Hope your day was perfect in every way, too!