Reward Day by the Sea

Somewhere along the minus 30 pound mark, I realized that being smaller and more physically capable would enable me to do some of the things I’d always wanted to do but was too intimidated by or physically unable to do. Riding a jet ski was one of those things. It looked like so much fun, and I love the ocean so much…but I wasn’t about to put on a swimsuit and deal with the anticipated embarrassment of going through the process. Right or wrong, that’s where I was mentally and emotionally.

Not anymore.


As I was making my way slowly through the no wake zone, I took a moment or two to reflect on the goal, the journey, and the personal significance of the day. A moment of pride, a tear (maybe two), and then I was clear of the jetty and could open up the throttle. I haven’t quit smiling since!

I can’t tell you how much fun I had! Despite being more than a little nervous at the beginning, I was soon zipping up and down the coast like a seasoned pro. I lost my hat within 5 minutes, but in an amazing combination of technical and acrobatic skill, I leaned over and skimmmed it back onto the jet ski as I passed it on the turn around. I was only sorry I was so far from the coastline so that no one could see my skill and daring. :)

My friend S. also took a spin on the beast for her first jet ski experience. I was as thrilled for her as I was for me, because I knew she would have a great time. And she did! :)

Lunch was a celebration of losing our jet ski virginity. Nothing would do but a cheeseburger at a beach bar (grilled cheese with mushrooms and tomatoes for veggie S), and we even got a discount!

I told the helpful guys at Jack’s Boat and Waverunner Rentals in Madeira Beach that I’d give them a shout-out for being so helpful to this newbie, not to mention supportive after they found out my motivation. They made the event so much more exciting and rewarding. (And they didn’t even give me a price break or a free hour for saying that, though now seems like a good time to mention that I’m here for the rest of the week. *G*)

Perfect day, shared with a fantastic friend (who we can thank for the pictures!), and it’s not even over yet!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! (It is the weekend, isn’t it? I’m losing track of days. LOL)