These Are Days

I woke up this morning with one of my favorite songs EVER running through my mind: These Are Days by 10,000 Maniacs.

These are the days
These are days you’ll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this
And as you feel it,
You’ll know it’s true
That you are blessed and lucky

That’s me in a nutshell, blessed and lucky. One sweet day after another,so rich with laughter and joy and energy that I’m almost embarrassed by the luxury of it all. Read on, and you’ll see what I mean.

Monday was a pouring rain kind of day, but that didn’t (and couldn’t) stop me from meeting with a long-time friend for lunch. It was so great to visit her (even though she seems to get younger every year, while I…sigh) and catch up.

Tuesday was another cloudy, sometimes rainy, day. Still, I got in a long, lovely beach walk and found some unusual shells. After a reasonably healthy lunch at a beach bar place, I did some window shopping in the village before heading back to Tampa. The sun peeked out a couple of times, as if in approval of my activities. :)

Yesterday was one of the highlight days of my trip. I spent the morning with Natalia of Embracing the Weight Loss and Diana of Scale Junkie fame.

That’s right.



Same Starbucks, same table.


To say I’m in awe of these two women is a whopper of an understatement. They are equally warm and funny (as in laugh-until-you-pee moments) and insightful (beyond their years) and generous (beyond any words I have.) I could have stayed with them forever.

And almost did. We were there for over 3 hours! :) Just us girls (and our apparent new BFF, a.k.a. Nosy Eavesdropping Guy at the Next Table) chatting about life and weight and blogging and dreaming. Truly a blessing, those hours. (Thank you, Natalia and Diana, for being you and sharing that with me.)

Today was even more rain, lots and lots of it, but the sun did come out for a while, and I was able to walk for almost an hour along the bay. I even got to see some dolphins feeding and playing. Quite a treat for me! (The dolphins seemed happy, too!)

Tonight I had to say goodbye to my lovely hostess, S, who was instrumental in making this one of the best vacations ever. If she just could’ve done something about this weather…. :)

Tomorrow I start meandering north again. I’m planning to make a stop in Tifton, GA, home of PB2 along the way. (Btw, they’re running a special on the 12-pack: $6.00 off through May 31st.)

I’ll touch base on the road and hope to have some downtime to catch up on all the goings on in your worlds. Meanwhile, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend (holiday weekend in the U.S.)!!