Tippy Toe Boot Camp

Re-entry to normal life has been uneventful. Some rain, some sun, some laundry.

A few too many splurges over the last bit of vacation, along with an upcoming carb-and-fat orgy known as my family reunion, has me paying extra special attention to diet and exercise for the next two weeks. I’m even putting in a few extra minutes (fifteen or so) each day of cardio, and forgoing any significant splurging. No weekend brownie, no weekly white food (except possibly a baked potato).

And that, in a nutshell, is my version of boot camp. Thank God it only lasts two weeks! :)

In an effort to practice what I incessantly preach, I’m purposefully NOT weighing until next Friday (day before reunion), because it truly is not about the scale, but the behaviors (along with the ability to button my pants.) I’ve had post-vacation weigh-ins that were up and some that were down. What mattered in the end was that I returned to my shiny new “normal” actions and continued losing or worked off the gain. I expect the same result this time.

Someone asked me last year why I didn’t just take a salad to the family reunion and have that instead of partaking of the feast. As I explained, then I did skip all food at the reunion two years ago when I was first getting started with serious life changes,and I felt worse than if I had over-indulged. I think I was afraid one meal would derail me completely. (It had happened countless times before.)

The thing is that people come to our family reunion from as far away as Oregon and Arizona. Some get up at 3:00 a.m. to get to the reunion site on time. This is after they have spent several hours the night before preparing foods to bring with them. These are their “specialty dishes”, the ones they’re known for among friends in their local communities. They prepare these foods with joy, love, and delightful anticipation of our enjoyment. For me to refuse to eat any of their offerings is rude and disrespectful. I’m sorry I didn’t realize that at the time, because I seriously hurt my grandmother’s feelings.

Another thing I hadn’t considered was that many of these folks are elderly. I won’t always have the opportunity to experience my Memaw’s skillet corn or potato salad, or my second cousin’s caramel cake, or one of my favorite aunt’s deviled eggs. As I learned the hard way a couple of years ago, some will be taken from us and won’t return ever again.

Last year I took the approach of small spoonfuls of many dishes, but stuck to my guns on the fried foods, opting instead for small portions of the leaner meats. My major splurges were on desserts. I slivered and halved and quartered, but I did over-do.

And that was okay, in the end, because the day was about sharing the expression of love from my family members. (I’ll admit to being hopeful that so many of them don’t fry their love this year.) But it will be what it will be, and I’ll enjoy the day for what it is before coming back to my real world.

I can always do another two-week Tippy Toe Boot Camp. :)

You know, one day I’m going to learn to write a short post. Until then, you suffer.

Hope you’re all having a great week!