Casa de Tippy Toe and Other Happenings

Not to alarm anyone, but I cooked! With heat and everything. Granted, not Cordon Bleu fare. Just simple taco salad. And I do mean simple: lettuce, tomatoes, taco beef, a smattering of cheese, some sliced black olives, and Pancho’s taco dressing. I also sprinkled a few crumbled blue corn tortilla chips on top and had a few along side with some salsa.

I lovelovelove Mexican food, both the real thing and the more Cam-Mex-ican variety, but I tend to overdo on the chips and dip so I rarely have it. Taco salad is a good way to get the spicy, meaty flavors without a bunch of calories. Plus, the good thing about the blue corn chips is that I only want a few. I could eat an entire bag of the yellow corn chips. But that would be wrong.

The taco salad was an excellent dinner last night and delicious as a re-heat for a combo lunch/dinner this afternoon, but I’m done with it for a while. I froze individual portions with the leftover taco beef for next week and the week after.

In other news, I’ll be sporting new kicks on my next walk!

According to the salesman, my Mizunos still have some life in them but I’m not loving the feel of them on longer walks. I’ll still use them for my running about town and zoo walks and such, but for my intentional exercise, I’m going back to Asics. I love the way they hug my feet.

As an additional treat for embarking on my Tippy Toe 500 challenge, I treated myself to new socks. Yeah, yeah, I know. I have loads of socks already. But these are low cut (no tan lines!) with a little tab thing that pokes up in back to keep them from sliding down like my other low cut socks did.

To compensate for the splurge, I’m putting my perfectly good Thorlo low-cuts in the donate bin.

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And that’s all I have for today. It’s back to cleaning and pricing items for the garage sale I anticipate having on Saturday. (One fun day after another here at Casa de Tippy Toe.)

Hope you’re all having a splendid week!