Melting but Moving Nonetheless

I knew this would happen. I complained about the lack of warmth and sunshine for two months. Now, after the first week of real heat, I’m back to complaining again. I’ve made a note for next year to remember that cool weather is annoying, but it is generally mosquito-less and doesn’t require a change of clothes every four hours.

So what have I been up to? Not much but strangely busy all the same.

I completed day 3 of my “500” challenge without any problems, although I dawdled and dallied before getting to the gym. I don’t know what that was about, but I had a great workout when I finally dragged myself in there. (Oh, and noting for the permanent record: weigh-in was on target.)

While at the gym, two women were doing crunches in a way I hadn’t seen before: they were lying on the floor with their legs propped against the wall (think, the letter ‘L). I didn’t want to look like Cammy CopyCat, so I didn’t try them yesterday, but they’re on my list. Anyone ever try crunches in that position?

For my cardio yesterday, I dragged my bike out of the storage room (and cleaned out that area while I was at it) for the first time this season and rode for 30 minutes. I must have done several thousand lunges and squats since I last rode my bike, but apparently those aren’t the same muscles used in pedaling. My legs were screaming for the first 5-10 minutes!

Today’s cardio was delayed because I didn’t want to get all sweaty and have to have yet another shower before our Father’s Day/Memaw’s birthday festivities (fried fish=indigestion). Then the heat was too bad, so it was after 7 p.m when I got started, just in time for the mosquito feedings.

Oops, I’m complaining again.

Back to the positive: The storage room clean-out turned up some old paint and stuff, so I had to make a run to the hazardous waste recycling center this morning. On the way there and back, I made a few stops at yard sales. Today’s loot:

  • The tower of “suitcases” is actually two nicely-sized storage boxes. Stacked, they’ll make a nice end table in my den. A frugal purchase at $4 for both.
  • The vase on the right now resides on top of the TV armoire in the den. At $6, it was slightly over-priced, but the seller was a nice old lady who was regretfully parting with many “treasures” from a lifetime of travel (the vase was not one of those treasures as it was mass-produced somewhere in Asia). She seemed so sad to see her things go that I decided to earn karma points by paying full price.
  • Karma points were cashed in at the next stop, where I picked up the blue/white tote bag and small vase with multi-colored stones for $1 total. The tote bag will become a beach/picnic bag and the small vase will be used as a make-up brush holder on my bathroom vanity.
  • The red Vera Bradley bag ($4) is my new toiletry bag for traveling. There are loads of pockets inside, perfect for small bottles and jars.
  • Rounding out these purchases: a small journal and a picture frame (soon to hold my jetski photo), purchased for $1 each. The journal was a no-no purchase as I have a dozen journals in my supply cabinet, but a) it rounded out my purchase at that stop to $10 and b) I am weak.
  • Not pictured are a book ($2) and a pack of index cards ($.25).

I am pleased. With the exception of the journal, all items have an immediate purpose, and two compensating items for each are headed out the door!

All things considered, not a bad few days! Tomorrow’s plan is to get the cardio in early (going to try for a 5-mile walk) and then sit around and sip iced tea all day while I catch up on what’s going on in YOUR worlds.

Dads who are dropping by, I hope you have a very special Father’s Day! Non-Dads: Don’t tell the Dads, but I wish you an equally special day!