PB2 Winners

You folks blew me away with your responses to the PB2 challenge! Not only are you creative, smart, and witty, you’re also rockin’ and rollin’ the fitness quests. Kudos to ALL of you!

Now, with thanks to the zany angels at PB2HQ, the winners of the PB2 prizes are as follows:


Jean@SeeminglyEndlessPlateau (new to the fitness/weight loss blogging world, so if you have a spare moment or two, stop by and give her a big welcome)

My Sensei


Congratulations, winners! Send your shipping info to me @ cammysaid [at]gmail[dot]com

For others, if you’d like to order some PB2, you can check out the company’s website. Click on the tab for ‘where to purchase’ to find an outlet near you, or you can order from the website.

PB2HQ is running a special until the end of June. They’ll send one jar of PB2 to the U.S. military serving overseas for each 4-pack or larger you order. Just enter the coupon code FREEDOM on the shipping info page. They’re also offering a discount on orders over the 12-pack side. Info is on the main page of the website.

That’s it for me for now. I’m off to some sales, then to the gym, then…who knows. I’ll check in later in the day.

Happy Friday!