Product Review/Giveaway: My Yoga 2 Go

I have an on-again/off-again yoga practice, mostly off these days, but I always circle back to it eventually.

One of the beautiful practicalities of yoga is that it’s so portable. Or it should be. My biggest problem with developing a regular practice is that it’s not always convenient for me to pop in one of my yoga DVDs, and–trust me–I’m definitely a Must-Have-DVD-for-Guidance student. That’s why I had such a delicious tingle when I saw the My Yoga 2 Go Practice System. I’ll wait while you check it out.

Too lazy busy to click the link? Okay then, think: one of those over-the-door plastic shoe bags meets yoga flash cards and you’ve pretty much got the concept.

There are 70 cards in seven different sequences, and joytotheworld THREE sequences are beginner level! Woo-hoo! My people got three sequences! Sequences include back strength, hip-opening, ashtanga, core strength for athletes, flow, energizer, and relaxation. To use the cards, you first select your desired sequence (and you can customize your sequence if you know what you’re doing or you want to play). Next you organize the cards by pose number and put them in the display tote (previously referred to as a quasi-plastic shoe bag), and then hang the tote on a wall or doorknob.

Traveling? No problem! The whole system folds up into an amazingly compact portable tote (an engineering marvel!) about the size of a trade paperback book. (I just noticed that it even has an ISBN number on the back!)

The whole kit and caboodle costs $29.95, which one of you lucky readers will avoid paying because the kind, kind folks at My Yoga 2 Go have generously contributed one practice system for our giveaway pleasure. More wooing-and-hooing!

With my sincerest apologies to international readers, this giveaway is limited to residents of North America only. (I’ll work on some more global giveaways in the future, I promise!)

For N.A. readers, there’s only one requirement for entering the contest: You must take one minute to stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, and breathe. Let me know when you’re done, and I’ll enter you in the contest.

Contest will be open until Wednesday (June 6th)at midnight, central U.S. time. I’ll announce the lucky winner on Thursday!

Many thanks to the My Yoga 2 Go folks for their generosity and for their creativity in creating such a helpful practice tool for those of us who need the help.