Too Pooped To Post

Some rest days sneak up on you and others slam into your body demanding to be heard. I’ll give you one guess which one I’m experiencing today.

I don’t think my challenge workout is the culprit. The second day of the workout went well. I’m not only enjoying the challenge program, but the secondary workout is proving to be fun as well. I do see trouble on the horizon in that squats, in abundance, are boring to do. I’m going to try moving into the TV area of the gym on Friday in hopes that there will be something on there worth watching while I squat, squat, squat.

I suspect the reason for my fatigue is the walking I’ve been doing, or more precisely the HEAT in which I’ve been walking. We’re in the mid-90s in temps now and with our ugly humidity, I’m just drained after a walk. It was a struggle to stay up past sunset last night!

So today I rest. If there’s any walking to be done, it will be at stroll pace. That’s really difficult for me now as I have so much more energy and tend to zip everywhere. :)

Before I zip–I mean, stroll– out of here, I’ll remind you of the storypeople giveaway. Tonight’s the deadline, so go put your name in the hat if you’re interested!

Have a wonderful day!