You Can Lead The Horses to Water…

…but they’re not necessarily going to like your PB2 Pumpkin Brownies. Not when there are other possibilities, like caramel cake and Mississippi Mud Cake and peach cobbler. I had a dab of each, and even I pronounce the brownies as 4th runner-up.

Here is a blurred, but fair, representation of the finished product, as executed by yours truly. If I had to describe the taste, I’d go with…dense…rich…chocolate-ish…and pumpkin-y. In fact, the pumpkin kind of overwhelmed everything else. I didn’t taste peanut butter at all, despite adding an extra few tablespoons of PB2. Defeinitely a recipe to play around with another day.

I was able to fit in a gym workout yesterday a.m., and I took a moment for my first post-vacation/post-mini-boot camp weigh-in. I’m happy to report that I was spot on where I needed to be, scale-wise, and that felt good.

I like having these little mileposts, so my next goal is to be at this same weight when I leave for Chicago in about six weeks. No boot camps, mini or otherwise, should be required. I’ll just focus on doing the same things day in and day out.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!