BlogHer'09: The First Day

What a capital-I-Incredible Day! I’ll give you the quickie rundown before I scoot out for yet ANOTHER day of craziness.

I did meet-up with that delightful and charming JC, who is every bit as wonderful as I thought she’d be. (I wasn’t REALLY worried.) We keep passing in the hallways but have not managed, so far, to actually sit down and talk. I’m hoping that changes today!

I’d had the pleasure of meeting Carla, of MizFit, last fall in Austin and really looked forward to seeing her again. Fortunately, I got my wish! She’s as fun and funny as ever!

My next treat was meeting the seriously gorgeous Sahar from Fat Fighter TV. In addition to being a passionate advocate of all things healthy and sharing her knowledge with the rest of us, Sahar also makes beautiful wine charms. Who knew?!

My walking buddy Mary dragged (yes, dragged, as in I would have kicked and screamed but I didn’t want to cause a scene, plus I was too tired) to a room party sponsored by the Energizer-bunny people, where we received lovely party swag but even MORE importantly, I scored a trifecta in the people-meeting sweepstakes! Are you ready for it? Krissie from Questions for Dessert, Miranda from Fat Bridesmaid, and Lorrie from Token Fat Girl! We only talked for a few minutes, but it was enough for me to know that I want to move wherever they live.

Non-fitness bloggers who were suuuuper nice and fun to talk to:
Andrea at, a deal$ finding DIVA!

Carrie at Money Saving Methods, who said she could save us some serious money and after a quick glance at her blog, I think she may be right.

There were quite a few other folks, as you can imagine, and more than a few truly great moments. I’ll have more to share in the days (months, perhaps) ahead, It’s been a most awesome event, and we’re only at the halfway point.

Bye for now…