Get Your Mo-Mo Going

Mo-mo, in tippytoe speak, refers to momentum and motivation. I’m a strong believer in both as key factors in weight loss success.

It’s easy to understand how motivation helps us. We list the reasons we want to lose weight, usually post them somewhere, and then refer to them for inspiration. Or that’s how it works for me.

Momentum has always been tougher for me to explain. But yesterday, I ran across the following passage in my book o’the week:

“The moment you fall in love with the sound of progress is the moment you stop hearing everything else.”

Richard Murphy Confessions of a Contractor

Happy sigh….That sums it up perfectly for me! The energy from momentum often drowns out the internal chatter along with the external temptations, and provides the fuel I need to keep moving forward.

Wishing you time this weekend to get your mo-mo going, to remember your motivation(s) and then to be still and listen for the sounds of progress…