Let the Festivities…End

This may look like fireworks, but it’s actually an action shot of me exploding after an abundance of celebrating.

I was doing okay until my grandmother trotted out homemade (still warm) banana pudding. You don’t get an opportunity to have homemade (still warm) banana pudding every day. At least, I don’t. Thank God. It was yummy, but it put me over the edge.

Thank goodness I got in an hour’s walk early this a.m. I certainly wasn’t fit for it after dinner.

Actually, this photo is one I snapped a couple decades ago (egads!) in a local celebration. The bridge you see, with lights vaguely forming an M for Memphis, crosses the Mississippi River. Tennessee is on the right; Arkansas is on the left. And that’s it for the travelogue.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and/or Saturday! I certainly enjoyed mine, but it’s back to business as usual tomorrow. I predict leafy green vegetables in abundance for me. :)