Makeover Monday: Something New-to-You Week

Let’s do something fun and simple this week, something new.

That’s the whole thing. That’s this week’s Makeover Monday tip: Do something new to you this week.

Before you start shouting for refunds, consider two things:
1) I’m seriously sleep-deprived
2) This is free [insert adage about getting what you pay for here]

But also consider how much fun it is to try new things. The planning, the anticipating, the trying. Sometimes, if you’re like me, the trying is followed by the laughing, but just as often, it’s followed by the loving it. It doesn’t really matter, because either way, we win.

I like the comfort of the familiar as much as the next person, but I also have a tendency to get a little stuck there. The familiar is usually easier and almost always safer. You can’t fail if you don’t try. What a horrible way to go through life and a reminder that on occasion, the trying is followed by the crying.

Years ago, I made a mistake at work (disclosure: it wasn’t the only one) that resulted in 5 people having to stay late on the very night the Lakers and Celtics were playing Game 4 of the NBA championship. That bit of trivia stands out because one of the guys reminded me of it every few minutes.

As I sat there trying to recall if there was a nearby rock to crawl under, one of the managers of the group stopped by my desk and offered me a bit of wisdom that has stayed with me for all this time:

The only ones not making mistakes are the ones not doing anything.

I use that phrase a lot for inspiration for work, yet never thought about how it applies to this healthier living stuff until a few years ago. I realized that I wasn’t even trying to address my weight and health because I was so afraid of failing again. So I didn’t do anything.

But that was then. Now, I’m trying new things all the time.

Life is fun that way. Trying new things–regardless of their success potential–will keep life interesting and keep US interesting. There are other benefits to trying new things, two I wrote about previously:

JOLT Yourself to Good Health
Aerobics for the Brain

I hope you’ll join me in trying new things this week. If you care to share, we’ll cheer you on in the comments.

My new things for this week will mostly involve exploring new-to-me areas of Chicago and southwest Michigan. (Anyone in the Grand Rapids area? I’m there at the end of the week.) At the end of the week, I’ll be visiting with some old friends and meeting some new ones at a writer-ish type event.

I’m also learning the ins and outs of Twitter. Yes, they got me. I had planned to have accounts for other things, but I was nagged encouraged to add @tippytoediet to the Twitter family. I’ll learn badges and such later, but feel free to look me up and let me know you’re there.

This was a scattery kind of post (like that’s something new), but my brain is an itsybit fried at the moment. Please forgive.

*(Anyone in the Grand Rapids area? I’m there at the end of the week.)

ETA: 4:38 p.m. My brain is so fried, I forgot to hit publish. LOL