Oh, the Joy of the Beloved Rest Day & Links

First of all, a huge Thank You for your wise, funny, creative, and supportive comments on my last post. If I haven’t told you all lately how much I adore you, I’m doing it now. You rock!

Yesterday’s gym workout was much the same, although I don’t think there were any breakfast discussions. I wasn’t really paying attention. :) There’s a new guy at the gym, one who actually makes eye contact and smiles. When he sat down to use the bench next to me, he even asked if he was “crowding” me too much. And that was it. Friendly, without being chatty, and courteous. Perfect. (Caveat: I don’t know if he wiped down the bench when he was done, but he looked like the type who would.)

Those of you who have been around here awhile know I’m fairly preachy about observing the weekly rest day. When we’re working out regularly, our bodies need the break. In fact, they’ll often demand it. Even if I wanted to work out seven days a week, my body would signal its inner three-year old to drop to the floor and throw a full-out tantrum.

Yesterday was my “6th day workout”, and my body reminded me of that fact, emphatically. So today is a rest day. Ahhhh. I’ve been accomplishing so much around the house that I have declared it a “to-do” free day as well. Ahhh-to-infinity. I think I’ll head to the zoo–where I will stroll, not zip–and then lunch somewhere new. And then a nap, of course. I’ll finish the day with a manicure and a Diet Coke.

Life is so very good.

With all of that on my agenda, I need to get going, but before I do, here are some interesting links from my reader:

Are y’all familiar with igigi? Beautiful plus-sized clothing that I never knew about when I was in plus-sized clothing. Their dresses are gorgeous, and I’m not even a dress person! I also no (via A Weight Lifted)

From DumbLittleMan: 4 Reasons You Fail to Achieve Your Goals. Brilliant. Concise.

Check out this folding shopping cart highlighted on Stacks and Stacks. It just might inspire you to walk to the grocery store. (I do sometimes walk, but only if I know I’m picking up a couple of things.)

And finally, How to Get Companies to Send You Free Stuff with No Catches from Makeuseof.

With that, I’d better get busy resting. :)

Wishing you all a wonderful day!