On the Book Winner and Gym Barfing

So sorry for the delay in posting the winner of the Younger (Thinner) You Diet by Eric R. Braverman, MD. I’ve had network “issues” today, in addition to the normal issues with which I live every day. :)

Without further ado…congratulations, Jenera! The random gods have smiled on you and determined that you are the proud owner of our prize. Well, you will be as soon as you send me your shipping info. My brand-spanking-new email address for all things tippy toe is ttdinbox [at] gmail [dot] com.

Re: the gym barf bag. While I would happily (and gratefully) accept the label hardcore, I’m afraid the United Hardcore Workout Union would not accept me for membership. When the bile rises up the back of your throat while trying to stretch the second set of jackknife-on-the-ball from 12 to 15, the current hardcore membership just smirks. And when you take the aforementioned bile as a sign that you’re done for the day and drop the third set, well, the truly hardcore point at you and laugh. When you leave the gym after a mere 45 minutes of working out–your personal maximum allotment for strength training–they throw things at you. :)

So far I haven’t actually thrown up at the gym or when working with the trainers (and I don’t really care to), but I do experience the bile/nausea problem from time to time. I didn’t worry about it in the trainer studio, since the bathroom was about 15 steps away and should the worst happen, I could get there in a jiffy. But it occurred to me at the gym on Wednesday, as I was trying to focus on being very still and NOT tossing my breakfast, that the locker room was a lonnnng way from the workout area.

I’ve noticed the nausea usually occurs in the latter half of the workout, and I’ve pinpointed two common threads: 1) overheating and/or 2) ab work. I have two possible solutions in mind. When I worked with the trainers, I kept a hand-held, battery-powered fan on standby. I would only use it for a few seconds at a time, and it didn’t do much more than move air around my face, but it seemed to help. (Distraction, maybe?) Now I just need to find it and drop it in my gym bag. Also, I’m wondering if I’m breathing properly during my ab/core segment. (That’s been a problem in the past.) I’m going to focus on that during tomorrow’s workout.

To be on the safe side, I think I’ll also tuck an old plastic grocery bag in the pocket of my gym pack, just in case. :)

That’s it for me today. Unless you’d like me to describe in loving detail how I’ve spent the day cleaning out my file cabinet. I didn’t think so. What can I say? It’s just one exciting day after another here in Cammyland.

I’m staying local for the upcoming holiday and will be checking blogs as time allows, but I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy Independence Day (U.S.), or a safe and happy Day Between the Third and Fifth of July (Intl).