On The Road Again – North

Technically, I’m not yet on the road, but I soon will be. I had a gazillion and two things I wanted to post about today, but there’s just no time. The cooler summer weather here in Memphis and all points northward have thrown a kink into my planned traveling wardrobe, so I’ve been scrambling to patch together a different plan. Crazy weather.

I’ll blog from the road, but I wanted to share one of the new stories from StoryPeople. (Y’all remember them from the lovely giveaway they provided.) This one is called Saving Up:

saving up a bag full of peak moments she’s going to have someday if she can ever get away from all the same old stuff that’s holding her back & you can pretty well guess how it’s going

I love this reminder that life is not meant to be “saved up.” It’s meant to be lived, every single day. No waiting for a someday that might never get here. We have to go out and get it.

Or get as close as we possibly can to it. Life isn’t perfect, and we can’t always have what we want rightthisveryminute, but we can damn well sure try.

With today’s sermon completed (apologies for that, but I have my reasons), I’m shutting this computer down (and remembering to turn the power strip OFF) and heading off on my newest adventure.

But first a mani/pedi. :)