Progress Check-Tippy Toe 500

I’m catching up on blog reading tonight, but I wanted to record my progress on my personal challenge, The Tippy Toe 500.

After following the various training protocols for two excruciating weeks, I completed my first assessment on Monday morning. The results:

Push-ups (full): I increased by ONE push-up, completing 26 as opposed to 25 in the pre-assessment. Not nearly as much as I hoped for, considering I did 40 push-ups on my last personal training assessment, but it is what it is. I’ve clearly lost upper body strength since I quit training with the professionals. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that I can’t do some of the bench work because I don’t have anyone to spot me. I’m going to explore a few of the machines to add in to the mix in addition to the free-weights. The bottom line is that two years ago, I couldn’t complete that ONE push-up and now I’m building upward from 26. I’ll take it and keep trying.

Sit-ups: Big, big progress! I’ve been focusing more on core and it shows. I went from 35 to 81 sit-ups in two weeks. My biggest problem is the counting. :)

Squats: More progress. I completed 60 squats, compared to 45 during the assessment.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with myself. :) Disappointed in the push-up results, but I’ll try to use that to push a little harder.

My reward download tune for the week was Oh Yeah by Yello. I don’t really know why it struck my fancy, but it’s working for me.

Today I repeated the last workout of the second week plan, and I’ll probably do that again on Friday. If all goes well (meaning: I don’t die from it), I’ll move on to week 3 next Monday.

One lesson I learned was to do the assessments on Friday so that I have two days rest. Today, with only one day’s rest, was brutal. It did, however, give me a great product idea: a gym barf bag! Small (and cute!), foldable wax-lined paper bag to slip into your gym bag for those days when you might dig a little too deep.

What’cha think? I’ll let you know the date for auditions for the infomercial.

Lastly, for my permanent record, the weigh-in was EXACTLY where it was supposed to be. Always a relief when a Cake Day has been observed. :)

And this was supposed to be a quick post. Sigh.

Happy Canada Day to all who celebrate(d)!