PSA: Pearl of Wisdom

Getting the swag at BlogHer’09 was fun, but if you added up the retail value of all of it, it would probably total something like $50. Except for one piece.

This swag fell more into the realm of “priceless”:

This is a Pearl of Wisdom, a small pin created to symbolize cervical cancer awareness and prevention. The pins are sold by The Pearl of Wisdom Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer. Proceeds are used to support cervical cancer prevention programs and activities. You can also send a virtual pearl via the linked website.

Cervical cancer is preventable, but since it doesn’t usually cause symptoms until the advanced stages, regular screening is critical! The Pearl of Wisdom site contains good information about both the Pap Test and the HPV test, so please take a moment to check it out.

I got caught up with my testing earlier this year, and what a relief that was! I had gotten a few years behind due primarily to body issues and such, but I’ve made a commitment to myself to stay current with my tests in the future. I hope you’ll do the same, or for the fellows, that you’ll encourage the women in your lives to do so. The peace of mind is worth the indignity of the test, I promise.

Back to the pearls, I received two pearls and I’d like to share them with two of YOU. Requirement for entering: visit the Pearl of Wisdom site and check out the articles on HPV and Cervical Cancer. And that’s all that’s required for entry. Let me know if you learned anything new. (I know I did!)

I’ll draw two names on Thursday a.m. (US Central) and ship the pearls out as soon as I can find a post office. Contest open to ALL.

Outside of the contest, if you are behind in your screening due to body/weight/size issues, I am available for private and virtual hand-holding through the process. No doubt, others would be more than willing to step in, too. (Chime in here, others!) YOU are worth it, so please reach out if you think it would help!