Weekend Wrap-up

Wowza! What a week!

Good thing I took a rest day on Thursday because Friday’s workout was brutal. I actually double-checked all the little training booklets to make sure I had written down the appropriate number of reps, and more than once I considered backing up to the the previous day’s counts. But I was determined to try (we have to at least try, don’t we?) and before it was over, I had completed (spread over five sets) 100 push-ups, 152 sit-ups, and 137 squats. I freely admit that the last 3 push-ups in set 5 were mostly just elbow-bends with only a slight dip of my body, but there’s time enough to work on that next week. I won’t be moving forward on the training plan until this particular day is a little easier to complete.

Today’s exercise was a Surprise! walk, in that I went to saddle up (a.k.a. get on my bike) and found the back tire flatter than a…flat thing. I vaguely recall a few pieces of info from a bike maintenance workshop I attended last year, but it involves gears and chains and stuff, so I think this will be one of those outsourced things. (Besides, I just got a fresh manicure and I don’t want to risk the nails.)

So instead of riding 10 miles, I walked 5. That seems like a fair exchange, especially since the heat index was about 147 degrees, give or take. Unfortunately, my iPod shuffle continued to act up and I was without music for the second half of the walk. There are some days that would be fine, but today the music would’ve helped.

That’s it for me. I’m pooped.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

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