Binge Fighting Tips for the Weekend (and any other time)

I’ve never considered myself a binge eater, but I do have times when I eat when I’m not hungry. It doesn’t really matter whether or not it’s healthy food or not. If I’m not hungry why am I eating?:::scratches head::

I know some of you also struggle with overeating or binge eating. While they’re not the same thing, this article I stumbled across on empowHer today might help with both:

5 Ways to Prevent a Binge
By Dr. Roger Gould

1.Keep Things Organized
Many people report binging when they get overwhelmed with chores and responsibilities. If you stay on top of things you’re less likely to use a binge to procrastinate or escape. Create systems, pay your bills, ask for help and don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

2. Chill Out
Knowing how to manage your own anxiety is a critical factor in avoiding binges. Whether you use walking, reading, meditating, or sports, to calm yourself down, knowing what particularly works for you is key. Experiment with different things until you find things that reduce your level of anxiety.

3. Have a Solid Support System
Having people to go to when you need to vent, get advice or hear you out is important. Remembering that you’re not alone and having solid people in your life that you can honestly share your struggles with can make a huge difference. A therapist, online community, or support group can also help.

4. Don’t Keep Binge Foods Around
Most people have certain foods that trigger their binges. If this applies to you, don’t keep those foods in your cupboards or go to places where you know you can’t avoid them. You don’t need treats for the kids, or for guests, or for anyone else. No reason to make things harder for yourself than they need to be until you have more control over what you eat.

5. Go to Bed
You’d be surprised how many afternoon and evening binges happen when you’re tired and don’t just put yourself to bed. Obviously, there will be times when going to sleep just isn’t possible, for example in the afternoon when you’re at work. However, if you stay on top of getting the rest you need, you’ll find yourself looking for food so much less.

While the first two suggestions are great, they’re not generally problems for me. The latter three suggestions are what helped get me to where I am now:
3 – Family and friends (that would include you guys) have been hugely supportive!
4- I don’t keep unhealthy foods in the house, so that if I go over calorie-wise (the almond is not always our friend), I’m still getting nutrition. Small justification, but it’s better than a bag of Doritos.
5 – This one CAN be a biggie for me if I’m not careful. I’ve noticed that when I get super-tired at night, I tend to nibble more. Lately, I’ve been simply closing the kitchen doors after dinner. It offers no guarantee, but at least I have to think about it before I push the doors open again. While that helps, I’ve decided to prioritize a bit and simply go on to bed when I’m that tired. Whatever I’m working on will wait until the next day. It would have been completed earlier in the day if it was that important. :)

I hope these tips helped in any way and that you all have a fantastic weekend!