Follow-up, Check-in, A Question

Follow-up to Makeover Monday
Thanks for the great tips and comments on yesterday’s post, Timing is Everything. If you checked in early, you might want to re-visit to see some really great tips.

I agree with several commenters who observed that their preferences are the exact opposite of the suggestions in the article. “Best” is definitely a personal thing. :)

One question raised was specific to the best time to blog. Very good question, and one I’m also trying to work out for myself. Out of curiosity, I turned to our friend in all things query-like: Google. The few resulting articles I found focused on the best time to blog for better traffic, and I liked this article [Link since disabled] from Tradeshow Week.

For me, traffic isn’t what I’m working on as much as trying to create better and more useful content regularly. My schedule and my muse don’t always work together so well. Right now I’m going with the same premise as with exercise: whenever I can fit it in is a great time to blog! :)

I’m pleased to report that the scale bounced back down into the safety zone at Monday’s weigh-in. If I could remember the specifics of last week’s weigh in, I’d be able to report an exact loss, but I don’t do those little hash marks on the scale so well. I think it was a little over 2 pounds. Or maybe a little under. The bottom line is that I’m about a pound away from being right on goal, which is A-OK with me!

I’m also pleased to report that I have now actually tried a green smoothie. It wasn’t horrible; it wasn’t delicious. I don’t think the problem was the spinach, but my appliances and ingredients. I started with the blender, but it did absolutely nothing to the spinach. (My blender is circa 1980.) So I moved to the food processor (at least 20 years old) which did a great job of chopping the spinach really fine, but I was hoping for a puree.

As for ingredients, my frozen strawberries had suffered fatal freezer burn, and I’d already had two small bananas today, so I was left with finely chopped-but-not-pureed baby spinach, Light Vanilla Silk, chocolate whey protein powder, and crushed ice. Not a horrid combination, but lacking something. Shoot, now that I think about it, I could’ve tossed in a sugar-free fudgesicle for some extra chocolate-y goodness. Oh well. I’ll add it to the list for future emergencies. I’m sure there will be plenty.

My question to YOU smoothie fans is…what appliance(s) are you using for your smoothies, green or other colors? I’ve got a gift card burning a hole in my handbag, and I’m wondering if maybe it’s time to upgrade my kitchen appliances. Thanks in advance for your input.

That’s it for me today! Hope you’re all having a splending week!