Makeover Monday: In the Pubic Interest

No, that’s not a typo. We’re going down there this week. Don’t worry, we’re staying in the outer regions, but if you’re not interested (as in you’ve already Lysoled your keyboard just from reading this far), feel free to bail out now.

I went through puberty in the early 70s (yes, they had puberty way back then), when the extent of education on pubic hygiene consisted of a 15-minute film shown one rainy day in 7th grade P.E. class. I don’t remember all the details of the film, but the primary message was to protect foreign invasion of my vulva (and beyond!) at all costs. Nary a word about pubic or genital grooming. Considering the sex-crazed audience, that might have been the wisest use of time, and to be fair, I don’t recall reading anything about taking care of down there in Cosmopolitan at the time, either. But then again, most of that reading was clandestine in nature and dependent upon my aunt leaving her copy where I could get my pudgy, inquisitive hands on it. Even then, I think the articles focused more on aroma than appearance.

I was well into adulthood before I learned about the wide variety of options available for changing the way down there looks. These days, I not only know the possibilities, I also know which celebrities choose which options. One I needed to know about, the other I could live without. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which.

There are many pubic grooming options, and there’s no One Right Way. Considerations include everything from time involved to pain involved to maintaining that ‘fresh feeling’ to enhancing your sexual arousal or that of your partner. Your pubes, your choice, but no matter which option you follow, it goes without saying that extra special care should be taken with these sensitive bits of our bodies.

Pubic Grooming Options

The Natural Way – Many people opt for leaving the pubic area as nature presented it and manage it with nothing more than a daily dose of soap (or shampoo/conditioner) and water and, perhaps, a comb.

Trimming (a.k.a. The Almost Natural Way)- Similar to the first option, but incorporates the use of a trim-style razor (no affiliation) and scissors to control the amount and length of hair and any “overflow.”

Shaving– Some folks like to completely remove all or parts of their pubic hair. One method is shaving it, which is fairly quick and easy but does carry some risks, primarily razor burn and ingrown hairs. There are many products on the market to help this process along. HairCareDownThere (no affiliation) provides one such package. (If you don’t already know this, note that hair regrowth begins right away and the process is sometimes itchy.)

Waxing – Again, this method can be used to remove all or parts of the pubic hair. You can do it at home with one of the many products (no affiliation) on the market, but it’s probably better left to the professionals. You don’t need to know which of these various options I choose, but you can rest assured that I would wear pubic hair down to my ankles before I would pull it out by its roots. To actually pay someone to do it for me is beyond comprehension to me. I don’t care that this method results in a slower regrowth period or that there are fewer ingrown hairs. I don’t like pain. :)

As for how much or how little hair to remove, in this or any method, there are as many choices as there are thoughts. Wikipedia has a decent article to use as a starting place, but be ye warned, it is NOT work safe as it is complete with photos. You can also click here for some design examples.

Tweezing – Certainly cheaper than waxing, but painful and very time consuming. I suppose it’s good news that hair regrowth should be slower with this method than with shaving.

*Electrolysis – A needle is inserted near the hair follicle and a small electrical current “shocks” the hair root into surrender. Painful, time consuming, expensive, and permanent. Again, there are home products (no affiliation) available, but you’re probably better off going to a professional.

*Laser hair removal – In this method, a light beam is pulsed over the hair follicle to disable it. Sessions are expensive and several are required to achieve full and permanent results.

*The word ‘permanent’ in the latter two options should be noted. Customs and preferences change over time, and you might want to give a thought or two to the future before opting for one of these.

These are just a few of the more common options available for a makeover down there. We’ll leave jewelry, piercings, and tattoos ’til another day (or another blog), and we’ll leave dyeing pubic hair out completely since there aren’t any products on the market (that I could find) that are designed for this sensitive area.

I certainly hope today’s topic doesn’t crash web servers around the world as readers click their unsubscribe buttons at the same time. My intent, as always, was to share information and have some fun. Either or both is fine with me.

Our bodies are beautiful in all their shapes and sizes, and they deserve to have loving attention heaped upon them. Even down there.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead…