That's a Wrap!

Back-to-normal is feeling pretty good. I miss my newfound desserts, but as I already knew, a couple of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses will take care of any sweet treat cravings or urges. Also, I’m enjoying having fresh fruit at my disposal every single minute of the day. A girl gets spoiled so easily.

Sharing a few interesting links from my reader:

From Unclutterer, an interesting article on perfectionism: You Don’t Have to Be the Best

Nicely followed by How to Turn Average Talent into Fame and Fortune, by Paul Michael on Wisebread.

Most of us know these already, but a quick review of Five Foods that Will Drastically Reduce Your Grocery Bill wouldn’t hurt. From The Bargainist.

And finally, a link post from me would not be complete without something from writers at DLM. This week, they impressed me with this article: The 11 Most Important Rules for Healthy Eating…Yes, Most Important. Just in case you’re new to all of this.

I share because I care.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Cammy, Dessert-less in Memphis

**Edited: correction of terrible typo, but that’s all.